Tuesday, 28 November 2006


[Note - I found this in my drafts folder. I thought I'd published it in late September. I suppose I'd better publish it now before I give an update.]

I have wood, I have soldering irons, surely I can do some woodburning? Will the net tell me how? If you dear reader have tried pyrography I'd appreciate advice.

I only have a soldering iron, not a special temperature regulated woodburner, but
this Professional pyrography artist only uses a soldering iron.

period pyrography

Given my normal google fu, that's quite a small list.

One of the tackiest "you can do it too" sites for a craft I've ever seen. Surprisingly they are in Werribee, not America. ($220 for an iron, I don't think so!)

how to:
  • The woodburner - forums. Yes they are selling products, but they also seem to have some interesting info.

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