Thursday, 3 December 2015

More lamps in manuscripts

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This is a continuation of this post, a survey of lamps, with more entries. Almost all reinforce the same regional stylistic preferences seen last time. (of course it's still not enough examples to really say)

The lamps are the same funny shape as the previous examples.

Admont Bible

Salzburg, Austria, c1140's (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien. Cod. ser. nov. 2701 and 2 pages in École Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. PC 22788)

First two lamps from the story of Hoshea (2 lamps, Paris leaf)
2 more lamps from f252v (main Vienna section) The affliction of Job

Prüfening (Regensburg), Austria 1170/1180. (München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cod. lat. 13074."Vitae et passiones apostolorum" folio [90v])



Sicily, 1196 (Liber ad honorem Augusti sive de rebus Siculis by

Petrus de Ebulo, MS. 120 II Berne Municipal Library.)

Lamps from a church in mourning for William, the sickroom (presumably bedroom) where  William II dies and lamps in the bedroom of Roger II (who appears to be sick in bed) respectively. See also another similar lamp in this manuscript.

It's possible these are incense burners/censers rather than lamps. They are different to the type swung by hand (see the death of William scene, where i think that is what the central figure is doing), but they may be a different fixed type.


Same gorgeous shape as before. Again with 3 handles on the side to attach chains to. Now that I look more closely at the first Italian example, I can see a pouring lip on the lamp

Basilica of Saint Clement, Rome, (Italy) end of the 11th century.

This wall painting appears to be a scene taking place in a church.
(thanks Katherine for finding this on a page that has nothing to do with the topic, and would never had been found otherwise)

1136 Fondi, Italy (Arrestation du Christ, "exultet"  Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Manuscrits, Division occidentale Ms Nouvelle acquisition latine 710, fol. rouleau, )

This manuscript is a scroll not the usual book. To view, use mandragore and in the box "cote" type/paste: "Nouvelle acquisition latine 710" and then hit the button "chercher".

Austrian manuscript paining is supposed to be heavily byzantine influenced through an Italian filter. But the lamps remain stubbornly different, so I suppose it's a regional preference.


England, N. (Durham), last quarter of the 12th century (Bede "The Life of Cuthbert" f 79, 83 and 74. British Library Ms Yates Thompson 26/Add ms 39943)

England, about 1200 (Westminster Psalter fol. 13 v, seated Virgin with child. London, British Museum. Royal Ms. 2A. XXII.)

Although some date other pages to 1250, this should be a c1200 one.