Monday, 19 February 2007

Two sparsely illustrated 12th C manuscripts from Regensburg

Nothing exciting today, mostly just crossing these manuscripts off the list.

Ambrosius, Hexaemeron,
(München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cod. lat. 14399).
Prüfening (Regensburg), around 1165 and 1170,

The Manuscript was made under Abbot Gossuin (1131/3-65), and although we have photos of it, the manuscript is now lost . Dodwell says this has 7 full page pictures of creation largely borrowed from the Admont Bible. He says Regensburg/Prüfening coppied Salzberg artwork (which in turn ws copying byzantine) a lot, but created thier own sub style. There is not much of costuming interest in this manuscript - figures of christ are too traditional to show contempory clothing.

Isidori Hispalensis - Etymologiarum libri 9,
München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cod. lat. 13031
Prüfening (Regensburg), before 1165, (probably 1160-5)

Annother manuscript Regensberg style. This one is still extant, I think. Again, little costuming detail, this tiem with the exception of a monk's costume. Since this manuscript was written by monks, we can expect heir self depiction to be knowledgeable, and likely accurate.
  • [1v] Men in Clothing in the Regensberg style - shirts/albs visible below tunics, much trim. Except the man lysing down, who is the monk author having his soul judged.
  • [46], [80] Decorated Initials (no people)
  • [102v] ancestry chart - lots of small torso sections only. Can see some female hairstyles on zoom.