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Aachen Cathedral Treasury - Part 1: Catalogue

Bildindex (more properly Marburg Photo Archive) now supports English language. Well sort of - there's still a of of german in there, but less than before. Look for union jack flag to the left to switch languges.

Thanks to a link elsewhere, I was made aware of the awesome stuff in the Aachen Cathedral treasury, so today's topic is a summary of the contents that bildindex has photos of. I'll post about a few of my highlights in subsequent posts.

To look at the photos, select 'places' from the top bar. Now on the left bar, select the following sequence of folders: Aachen > Öffentliche Sammlungen > Domschatz (cathedral)
and within that are subfolders. Below is a listing of what's there (I may have missed a piece of two, but nearly everything). You'll be sure to find something to facinate you.

I've also added links to webpages with colour photos of individual objects. One in particular worth mentioning, for it's high resolution and range is artserv and it's section for the cathedral treasury. (I find it works better under IE than mozilla).

Summary (by subcategory):
>Malerei (paintings)

  • Mary and child, Ungarn, before 1367
  • falkstein Portable altar, Aachen, 1401/1415,
  • Wenzel Portable altar, Prag, 1467/1500
  • Aachener Marientafeln, Meister der Aachener Marientafeln, c1485 (many pictures)
  • Der Aachener Altar / Passionstriptychon, Meister des Aachener Altars, 1515/1520 (many pictures)
>sculptur (sculpture)
>Schreine (shrines)
  • Felixschrein - 14thC gilded silver & silversheets. (h23cm, l 50cm w22.5cm) . Pictures: mi00007c07a-mi00007c08a, mi03344f10a- mi03344f11a
  • Karlsschrein (Charlemange shrine)- 1200-1215 Aachen , gilded silver and enamelled copper. Pictures: mi00007c09a-mi00007c14a, mi00007d01a-mi00007d14a, mi00007e01a-mi00007e14a, mi00007f01a-mi00007f14a, mi00007g01a-mi00007g10a, mi03344f12a- mi03344f14a, mi03344g01a- mi03344g04a, mi09141i12a-mi09141i13a, [search for Aachen]
  • Marienschrien -1220-1238 Aachen. Oak, gilded silver and enamelled copper. (h 95 cm, w 54 cm, l 184 cm). Pictures: mi00007g11a-mi00007g14a, mi00008a01a-mi00008a14a, mi00008b01a-mi00008b14a, mi00008c01a-mi00008c14a, mi00008d01a-mi00008d14a, mi00008e01a-mi00008e14a, mi03344g05a- mi03344f14a, mi03345a01a- mi03345a05a, mi09141i14a, mi09141j01a-mi09141j04a
Reliquiare (reliquaries)
  • Reliquary of Anastasius Byzantine Emporer, 986/1015, [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]
  • Crucifix & reliquary of charlemange, 1101/1200?, gilded silver
  • St Simeons reliquiary, Aachen 1330/1340 [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5]
  • disc Reliquiary for a flabellum (huge eclesiastical fan), Vienna?, c1350 [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5]
  • Bust figure reliquary of Charlemange 14thC [karl bust], [artserv1], [2], [3], [4]
  • crown, Aachen c1349
  • crown of Margaretha of York 15thC
  • cross relliquary, 14thC
  • Charlemagne reliquary, in the shape of a church, Aachen, 1346/1355, Restored: 1978, (lots of detailed photos)
  • 3 tower reliquary, Aachen, um 1370/1390, Restored 1829, 1978
  • ciborium Relliquaries of the belt of Mary, flagellum-cord (or scourging?) of Christ & belt of christ, Prag?, um 1360
  • reliquary for King Stephen I, Deutschland, after 1370
  • ciborium reliquarys, 1386/1400, Köln 1401/1415,
  • reliquary with true cross and Agnus Dei, Hans von Reutlingen, 1501/1515 [artserv]
  • statue reliquary of Peter, Hans von Reutlingen, 1510
  • arm reliquary for Charlemange, Lyon, 1481 [arm reliquary]
  • monstrance, Hans von Reutlingen, 1520, [artserv1], [2]
  • 19th C reliquary of true cross
>sonstiges edelmetall (miscellaneous precious metals)
  • goblets 1497-1522, 16th C and 16th-early 17th C.
  • paten (plate) c1200, engraved gilded silver. Pictures: MI00010c03a.jpg-MI00010c04a.jpg
  • 18th C candle sticks
  • Lothair cross, Western Germany, c1000, with 19th & 20th C "restorations" [scroll down, 1st pic], [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15]
  • "Breast cross of charlemange", 1101-1200, restoration 1871, (h 8.5cm) Pictures: MI00010e04a.jpg
  • dove staff?, 1201/1300 Pictures: MI03345e01a.jpg
  • eagle topped staff 15th C [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5]
  • clasp for a cope, c1180, reworked 1870, gilded silver (19x16cm). Pictures: MI00010e06a.jpg [artserv1], [2]
  • various very decorative (good closeups) clasps for copes, dated: 1371-1381, 1376-1400, 1401-1415, before 1520, 14thC, 14th C [artserv-16thC]
  • box for a crown (relquary?) England, 1475
  • beaker& case of the holy Elizabeth 15-16thC
  • carrying cross, Western Germany, 1146/1155, bronze & wood, hollowcast & gilded. Picture: MI00010f11a.jpg
  • coat of arms, Ungarn, 1371/1381
  • seal, Ungarn, 1528
  • Aquamanile in the form of a Bust, Aachen?, 1201/1215, bronze, hollowcast & gilded. (h 18.3cm). Pictures: MI09141j11a.jpg-MI09141j12a.jpg, mi03345f13a.jpg-mi03345f14a.jpg,MI00010g02a.jpg, MI00010f12a.jpg-MI00010f14a.jpg, MI00010g01a.jpg-
  • bookcover of the schatzkammer bible, Westdeutschland, um 1020 [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]
  • 19th C bishop's staff, 20th C pectoral pendant, 18th C waferbox?
>Elfenbein (ivory)
>textilen (textiles)
  • Many 6thC silk fragments, Antinoe, byzantium, Alexandria, sasanid, East Rome, Persia
  • more fragments, mostly silk: 7-8th C Persian, 8-9th C Persian, 8-9th C sasanid, 9thC? islamic or byzantine, 10-11th C byzantine
  • 10thC byzantine elephant patterned fabric from the "Karlsschrein"
  • sicilian-arabic silk from the "Karlsschrein" c1200
  • "bernhardskastel" (Bernhardt's Cope) 1160-70. Probably beaded. Pictures: MI00011b05a.jpg-MI00011b06a.jpg [artserv1], [2]
  • stole & mantiple, Deutschland? c1200. silk? (w 11cm, l 265cm)Picture: MI00011b07a.jpg
  • 13th C silk cope Picture: MI00011b08a.jpg
  • 13th or 14thC Pluviale /cope (beadwork?) Picture:MI00011b09a.jpg-MI00011b011b.jpg [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5]
  • 15th C Damatic
  • 15thC chausible
  • 15thC picture
  • 16thC stole
  • 16thC heavily embroidered cope (lots of closeups)
  • annother 16thC cope
  • clothing of the "gnadenbildes" 1627
  • several 17-18thC vestments
>handschrifte (manuscripts)
  • "Schatzkammer Bible" start of 9thC
  • "Silver book cover of the Otto Bible" c1020
  • Liutuar or Otto Bible, Reichenau c990 (very well illustrated) [artserv1], [2]
>sonstiges (other/miscellaneous)
  • "so called knife of charlemange" (in sheaf), England 700-1100 or maybe 10-11thC. Pictures: mi00011g14a, mi03346a08a [artserv]
  • "so called armorial case of Richard von Cornwallis" Limoges, 1246/1255, Cedar (red stained), Copper & enamel, studded? & gilded. (h 38.5 cm, w 40 cm, l 79 cm). Pictures: mi00011g03a-mi00011g07a, mi03346a09a-mi03346a12 [scroll down, 2nd pic]

There is one major item that doen't appear on bildindex but does on artserv:
  • Book cover, metalwork upper Rhine area, c1170-80 with 10th C byzantine ivory plaques [artserv1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

I've also updated my German glossary post , with many of the new terms I've had to translate for the above.

[edit: more posts about the Aachen Cathedral treasury]