Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Suthmoot links list


Those of you who spent easter with me at Suthmoot may have had the 'pleasure' of me ranting about a favourite topic either in a class, or informally. And I probably said you could find out more about the topic on my blog. And now perhaps you're looking at my blog wondering where to go next? Look perplexed no longer, here's a list of links and status updates:

happy crafting...



Thanks for noticing my blog post on textile tools!

I note that, though the article does provide support for the idea that spindle hooks show up at sites later than Magdalensberg, the article doesn't say the same about needles. I know from Eva Andersson's book "Textile Production at Birka and Hedeby" that the Viking age needles there were very thin, but that book didn't indicate what shape the eyes were.

So the Magdalensberg find may be good evidence for the use of modern-shaped sewing needles for someone with a Late Republican or Early Imperial Roman persona, but it doesn't really address later period needle shapes.

Teffania said...

Thanks Cathy for the timely proviso. I knew that in my head, but was too sleep deprived to convey it to others.

Teffania said...

I forgot a couple of links:
*the apron I was wearing when cooking and some doccumentation that needs updating
*objects for carrying a example of bags over a stick from the coperhagen psalter (12r from the index page if it doesn't load), I think I've seen at least 2 more 12th C examples. This has been high on my to-make list for at least 2 years, so it might happen soon. I just found out today that this is described on Karen Larsdatter's page on wallets.Also take a look at her general pages for the bags, and containers categories if you haven't seen it (unfortunatly predominantly later stuff as it's more common.
*cupboard - I just saw today Karen Larsdatter's page on cupboards
*the bed I want particularly something like in the aberdeen bestiary example
*I've been contemplating tents for a while now.

Teffania said...

(this listing of links is also a reminder for me to look up some of this stuff more)


In fact, thanks to pearl, I can point to pictures of Viking age needles that have round, or at least roundish,eyes. (They're still metal though, and thinner than bone needles usually are.) It's on her "Viking-Age Ladies' Sewing Basket" page, here:


I wonder what the Romans knew about making sewing needles that didn't get transmitted down to Viking age northern Europe.

Teffania said...

I wonder too!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by trying to research points.
I got sick of trying to buy them at a whopping $1.25 for just 4 of them. I now am going to TRY and make my own... I bought metal stamps and sheet metal. If I can figure out how to post to You Tube (and they are good) and make a blog I will do so.
thanks for what you posted.