Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Chemise for the Austrian Dresses III - Construction underway

Well, everything was going so well with the new chemise. I've started sewing and my seams are much narrower than last time I sewed a chemise.

And my sewing is happening really fast. I'd forgotten how fast I could sew, since my last few projects have all experimented with tricky materials, curving seams, new seam types, or have used new cutting diagrams and a lot of picking.

And then tragedy struck. I'd been carrying my chemise bits in a bag to work and back, sewing on the train. And somewhere the gussets fell out and didn't get picked up again. And I don't have any more of this fabric. Thankfully my sleeves are so long that I can easily shorten them by a gusset length.

Here's the sizes of my pieces now:

And now back to construction. Maybe I can finish it within the week!

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Kareina said...

My fear of losing the small pieces in transit means that I always approach my sewing in the same order
1) attach underarm gores to sleeves,
2 attach sleeves/gores to body
3) assemble skirt gores from their component triangles
4) attach assembled skirt gores to dress
5) stitch up sides
6) hem

Thank you for sharing your story--it confirms that my fears on the topic are actually well founded, and worth the worry.

Pity you lost them, but glad you've got an option...