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Chapes - priests and miscellaneous images

Monks & priests have been wearing hoods for centuries by the 12th C. Juust a few examples here - these are not rare in the pictorial record.

GKS 182 2°: Vita Anselmi. Vita Malachiae. Sermo
France, c. 1200
Fol 1v. a monk writing at his desk representing the author of the vita, Eadmer

  • A hooded tunic
  • The hood comes to a V point in front of the neck

Vatican Bibl. Apost Vat, Ms Lat 4922, Vita Mathildis
Folio 49 German emperor kneeling before Countess Matilda (her confessor watches) around 1114

  • Another hooded tunic
  • The hood points straight up
  • A seam is visible vertical above the forehead.
  • A better picture (in colour) here.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris MS lat1 (Vivian Bible) Tours 845/6
Fol 423 presentation of the bible to Charles the Bald

  • This is a 9th C piece just to display how long the clergy had been using hoods. I chose it over conventional ones of hooded tunics because these clerical chapes/copes look quite like the mundane ones.
Valenciennes Library
Life of St Amand
France, Middle 12th Century
  • A long cloak worn over a priest's ceremonial clothing
  • The cloak appears to have corners at the bottom edges
  • The cloak is fastened at the neck with a broach, or at least appears to be
  • The hood is pointy

St Angelo in Formis, miniatures from the Register
12th C Italian

  • A hooded tunic and hooded cloak in the same picture
  • both hoods are pointy

Miscellaneous images

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Manuscripts, Division occidentale Latin 16745 (bible des capucins )
c1170-1180 champagne France
Fol3 Anne priant

  • a man in a hooded chape. head section doesn't appear to be at all pointy.

British Library MS Cotton Nero C. IV (Winchester Psalter)
Winchester [Priory of St Swithun or Hyde Abbey], England; between 1121 and 1161
Folio 18v First temptation of Christ

  • A hood with shoulder length cape

GKS 181 2°: Vita Bernhardi. Miracula. Radbertus
France, c. 1200
Fol 1v,Doodle, part of a historated letter
  • This only shows the nead covering and not what it does at the bottom of the neck due to the nature of the picture
  • the length of the liripipe and curl at the end of it are probably exaggerated too

Wall Painting, Anagni, Cathedral Crypt c1255
Elijah on the Chariot of Fire (holding a cloak)

  • This could be a strange hold on a unhooded mantle, but there appears to be a clearly cut hood here
  • note the different coloured at the edge - a lining?

Berlin Print Room, MS 16
Liége c1160
Fol 9v John preaching and Baptising, A knight watches

  • might not be hooded, but rucking at neck suggests this

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