Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Everything has to begin somewhere


I'm Tiffany, known in the SCA (Krae Glas, Lochac) Teffania de Tuckerton. I also use Teffania as my signature for a variety of medieval related mailing lists. I have a blog on livejournal for the people who know me as Tiffany that is about my mundane life, and for friending people, memes and that sort of thing. (I'll only link to other dress diaries from here) This is something else - my dress diary, where I will keep track of my ideas about medieval clothing, crafts, history and assorted details, and plot and plan and keep track of my next set of projects.

So if you are still reading, welcome medieval recreationist to my musings on craft, 12th Century Costume, fingerloop braiding, 12th Century social history (material culture and thoughts, not names and places) and whatever else takes my fancy. Maybe even some renaissance dance, medieval cooking or modern crafts, although I find most things eventually end up with a 12th C context where I am involved. (so call me obsessive - you might think it an insult, but I don't).

Since a lot of this is going to be about 12thC Clothing (I have a slight phobia of spending money on or cutting fabric so plan things a lot more before I do anything than with other crafts), I should also point out the 12th century clothing mailing list. It's grown so astonishingly in the last few years, I feel like a proud parent.

Read and Comment please - I'd like to hear constructive criticisms - you might just be the person to save me from making a mistake I'll hate later. And links to images are always most welcome too. Or you could just stroke my ego and let me know you're reading.


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